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Livermore Sisters Convicted in Infant Abuse Case

Posted on: 11/20/2014

Last week Lida Sharaf, 33, of Mountain House, and her sister Nazila Sharaf, 37, of Dublin, were both convicted of multiple counts of felony child abuse at a day care center that they owned and operated.

The two sisters both managed the University of Preschool LCC in Livermore. An investigation started after a former employee notified authorities of the child abuse that she had witnessed while working at the center.

Investigators reported that the two women were not properly swaddling the infants. The babies were being wrapped so tightly that they could not breathe properly and were unable to movie their extremities. Three of the infants had known upper-respiratory problems, but were wrapped tightly anyways.

Both Lida and Nazilla pleaded no contest to their charges, placed on 5 year probation, and required to attend a yearlong child abuse class. Nazilla Sharaf also had her state license revoked and sentenced to two months in jail.

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Redwood City Resident Wields 8-inch Knife at a Downtown Bar

Posted on: 11/15/2014

Earlier this week police responded to a call from the Old Pro bar. Kristopher Joe Rivera, 35, of Redwood City was drunk and began to make a scene at the restaurant. He had gotten into an argument with a customer and was asked to leave by the staff members. Once Rivera was approached by the staff he immediately pulled out an 8-inch Kitchen knife from his bag.

When police arrived at the bar, Rivera took off on foot through the back door. He was able to make it into another restaurant across the back alley, but the officers were able to closely follow him. According to the report one of the officers was able to shoot Rivera in the back with a stun gun before he was able to make it out of the restaurant.

The suspect was then apprehended and booked into the county jail. Rivera is facing charges of resisting arrest, making criminal threats, and brandishing a weapon. You or a loved one can contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail for a Redwood City Bail Bond.

Credit Card Fraud in Pleasanton

Posted on: 11/12/2014

Last week local police were called into a Marriot Hotel after the staff found out that a room had been paid for with a stolen credit card. Once the police started to investigate the scene they discovered that two cars in the hotel parking lot were also stolen.

Officers were able to track down three men and one woman connected to the crimes. During a search of the room police also found illegal drugs and hundreds of pieces of stolen mail.

The suspects were identified as Emmanuel Diaz, 29, of Pleasanton; Rodney Tampol, 26, of San Jose; Xyris Espejo,31, of Morgan Hill and Jose Vasquez,26, of San Jose. All of the suspects were booked into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of auto theft, identity theft and mail theft.

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Three Men Arrested in Fremont Home Burglary

Posted on: 11/11/2014

In recent news a Fremont resident was at her home when two men approached her front door and rang the doorbell. When she did not answer the door the two men then jumped over her fence to the back yard. Once they were in the yard they began to pry open a window, but spotted the victim inside and proceeded to flee the area.

As the suspects were making their escape the victim was able to take down the license plate number and a description of their vehicle. The victim then called the police and they were able to track down the suspects before they were able to leave the area.

The identities of the three men were withheld from the record, but the police stated that they were all San Francisco residents. All three men were booked into jail on multiple burglary related charges. For information on posting bail you or a loved one may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding Fremont Bail Bonds.

CHP Officer to Resign After Explicit Photo Scandal

Posted on: 11/05/2014

Officer Sean Harrington, 35 is facing nearly four years in prison after being involved in the theft of explicit photos from arrestees’ phones.

The Dublin based officer had allegedly forwarded himself explicit photos from females that were in custody and then proceeded to share the photos with his colleagues.

An investigation started after a woman reported that Harrington had stolen photos from her phone while she was in custody for a DUI arrest. The 19-year-old Livermore woman stated the officer had stolen multiple partially clothed and nude photos. Harrington admitted to doing the same thing multiple times over the course of a few years.

The officer submitted a notice of his resignation last week, but an investigation is still going on for the other officers involved in the photo sharing.

Harrington is facing multiple counts of Computer theft. Authorities believe that this incident and the suspects involved are isolated to the Tri-Valley CHP office, and Harrington is expected to appear in court this month.

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Teen Arrested in Pleasanton Fast Food Robbery

Posted on: 11/03/2014

Late last week 19-year-old Courtney Dariko Townsel was arrested on suspicion of robbery after police responded to a call from a Pleasanton fast food resturant.

An employee reported that a man in mask jumped the counter of the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, ran into the back room and grabbed a pile of bills. The suspect then ran off and was seen heading towards the Valley Plaza Apartment Complex.

Once police arrived they began to surround the area where the suspect had last been seen. A car with three men inside was stopped as it was trying to leave the area. During a pat down an officer located a large sum of cash on Townsel’s person. The other two passengers were not involved in the robbery.

After Townsel was detained he showed the officers where he had hidden the clothes he wore during the robbery. The suspect was then booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on robbery charges. To post bail in a legal case you may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for more information regarding Dublin Bail Bonds.

Suspect Arrested in Alameda County Robberies

Posted on: 10/29/2014

Earlier this month Azer Baucom, 22 was arrested after he allegedly robbed a seafood restaurant in Livermore.

According to the report Baucom, took off on foot after the robbery and was apprehended by Police after a short pursuit. Once the suspect was in custody he was cross examined as a possible suspect in a second robbery at Foodmaxx the same day.

A Foodmaxx employee later identified Baucom as the suspect of the robbery that took place at the grocery store earlier that day.

Baucom was booked into Santa Rita Jail on committing a crime while out on bail, suspicion of robbery and attempted robbery. He is being held without the possibility of bail.

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Dublin Bail Bonds – Two suspects arrested in car tampering

Posted on: 10/28/2014

On Saturday the 25th Pleasanton Police responded to a call from a resident stating that a man was crawling under his car. Once police arrived they spotted a man who was trying to remove the catalytic converter from the residents’ vehicle.

Once the suspect was approached by the officers he was able to escape by jumping a fence.

Authorities then established a perimeter and were able to track down the suspect who was later identified as Eduardo Labitoria driving with a friend. Upon a search of the vehicle police recovered five other catalytic converters.

The suspect had an outstanding warrant and was charged with obstructing an officer, tampering with a vehicle and possession of burglary tools. Labitoria’s friend Diana Cabaccang was also arrested for possession of methamphetamines.

Both men were booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. For information on posting bail contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding Dublin Bail Bonds.

Fremont Bail Bonds – Armed robbery

Posted on: 10/23/2014

This month Fremont police responded to a report of an armed robbery. The two victims were an elderly couple who were walking through the Ardenwood neighborhood.

A man walking on the opposite direction approached the couple and grabbed a gold chain from around the victim’s neck. The suspect took off and the victim’s husband began to follow the thief.

The suspect then pulled out a handgun and fired multiple shots into the air to scare off his pursuer. Witness reports povidied a description of the suspect who was later tracked down by Fremont Police SWAT and other local authorities.

The 20-year-old suspect was last identified as Dantay Freeman and booked into Santa Rita Jail on a $370,000 bail.

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Livermore Bail Bonds – Road rage stabbing

Posted on: 10/22/2014

Late Friday evening a CHP officer spotted two cars on the shoulder of a highway in Livermore. The two men were seen outside of their vehicles arguing. The suspect then pulled out a pocket knife and proceeded to stab the other driver multiple times.

The officer was able to make it to the scene in time to separate the men. The suspect was later identified as Mohsen Agib, 52 of Livermore.

Agib was booked into Santa Rita Jail on multiple counts of assault Saturday morning. Someone who is facing jail time due to pending charges in a criminal case may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Livermore Bail Bonds.

The victim did not sustain any life threatening injuries, and was released from the hospital the next day.

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