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Suspect Arrested in Alameda County Robberies

Posted on: 10/29/2014

Earlier this month Azer Baucom, 22 was arrested after he allegedly robbed a seafood restaurant in Livermore.

According to the report Baucom, took off on foot after the robbery and was apprehended by Police after a short pursuit. Once the suspect was in custody he was cross examined as a possible suspect in a second robbery at Foodmaxx the same day.

A Foodmaxx employee later identified Baucom as the suspect of the robbery that took place at the grocery store earlier that day.

Baucom was booked into Santa Rita Jail on committing a crime while out on bail, suspicion of robbery and attempted robbery. He is being held without the possibility of bail.

Someone who is facing incineration with the possibly of bail may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail with Santa Rita Bail Bonds.

Dublin Bail Bonds – Two suspects arrested in car tampering

Posted on: 10/28/2014

On Saturday the 25th Pleasanton Police responded to a call from a resident stating that a man was crawling under his car. Once police arrived they spotted a man who was trying to remove the catalytic converter from the residents’ vehicle.

Once the suspect was approached by the officers he was able to escape by jumping a fence.

Authorities then established a perimeter and were able to track down the suspect who was later identified as Eduardo Labitoria driving with a friend. Upon a search of the vehicle police recovered five other catalytic converters.

The suspect had an outstanding warrant and was charged with obstructing an officer, tampering with a vehicle and possession of burglary tools. Labitoria’s friend Diana Cabaccang was also arrested for possession of methamphetamines.

Both men were booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. For information on posting bail contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding Dublin Bail Bonds.

Fremont Bail Bonds – Armed robbery

Posted on: 10/23/2014

This month Fremont police responded to a report of an armed robbery. The two victims were an elderly couple who were walking through the Ardenwood neighborhood.

A man walking on the opposite direction approached the couple and grabbed a gold chain from around the victim’s neck. The suspect took off and the victim’s husband began to follow the thief.

The suspect then pulled out a handgun and fired multiple shots into the air to scare off his pursuer. Witness reports povidied a description of the suspect who was later tracked down by Fremont Police SWAT and other local authorities.

The 20-year-old suspect was last identified as Dantay Freeman and booked into Santa Rita Jail on a $370,000 bail.

Someone who is looking for information on how to post bail may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding Fremont Bail Bonds.

Livermore Bail Bonds – Road rage stabbing

Posted on: 10/22/2014

Late Friday evening a CHP officer spotted two cars on the shoulder of a highway in Livermore. The two men were seen outside of their vehicles arguing. The suspect then pulled out a pocket knife and proceeded to stab the other driver multiple times.

The officer was able to make it to the scene in time to separate the men. The suspect was later identified as Mohsen Agib, 52 of Livermore.

Agib was booked into Santa Rita Jail on multiple counts of assault Saturday morning. Someone who is facing jail time due to pending charges in a criminal case may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Livermore Bail Bonds.

The victim did not sustain any life threatening injuries, and was released from the hospital the next day.

Fremont Bail Bonds – Mother facing manslaughter charges

Posted on: 10/10/2014

On October 7th Tabassum Yousuf, 42, was arrested on suspicion of felony manslaughter and multiple counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to reports during a Halloween party in 2013 Yousuf provided liquor at a party where a 17-year-old got drunk and slammed his car into a tree. The car crash resulted in the death of the passenger who was the owner of the vehicle.

Police were able to check financial records and had eyewitness accounts that provide evidence that Yousuf purchased large amounts of liquor and beer for her teenage son’s party.

The suspect posted bail and was released from custody until her court date. For information on how to post bail in your area contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Fremont bail bonds.

Santa Rita Bail Bonds – Alameda County arson suspects

Posted on: 10/09/2014

Early this month Stephen Peterson, 27 was arrested on suspicion of multiple acts of arson. Peterson is one of two suspects in a series of recent fires.

Peterson is currently being held in Santa Rita Jail on three counts of arson.

The second suspect admits to starting one of the fires. Andrew Gutierrez, 22, stated that he was high on methamphetamines and set fire to a piece of plastic in a garbage can. The resulting fire spanned across seven-blocks and destroyed multiple businesses.

Both suspects are awaiting trial. Someone who is awaiting trial in a pending criminal case may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Santa Rita Bail Bonds for more information.

Dublin Bail Bonds – Dublin police drug seizure

Posted on: 10/05/2014

Last Tuesday 45-year-old Shane Lacey was arrested in a search and seizure orchestrated by local police departments. Livermore, Dublin and Pleasanton police served a search warrant at the suspects’ home at about 3 p.m.

During the search authorities found large amounts of cocaine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, GBH, Xanax, and prescription pain killers. Along with the drugs police also seized three vehicles and $4,500 in cash.

Lacey is facing multiple charges of possession with intent to sell. The suspect was booked into Santa Rita Jail to await trail. Someone who is awaiting trial in a pending case may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for any Dublin bail bonds.

Livermore Bail Bonds – Teens arrested in school hazing

Posted on: 10/02/2014

Two teens were recently on suspicion of misdemeanor hazing. The names of the teens were not released because they are juveniles, but they are students of Valley Charter Preparatory High School.

According to the report the two football players held down a freshman teammate and shaved part of his head. Along with the hazing charges the two boys are also facing battery and false imprisonment charges.

Since the students were under 18 years old they were not eligible for bail. Someone who is eligible for bail and is facing possible jail time may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any information on Livermore Bail Bonds.

Dublin Bail Bonds – Drunk man arrested at local restaurant

Posted on: 09/30/2014

Police recently responded to a disturbance at Koh E Nor restaurant. According to report there was a man who started to cause a scene and refused to leave the building.

Once the police arrived the man approached the squad car and began to yell at the offices. When the man refused to calm down the officers called in additional support.

While the officers were placing the man in the back of the car he began to struggle and kicked one of the officers in the chest. Once the suspect was subdued he was transported to Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

The suspect was carried into the jail where he was booked for public intoxication, resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. Anyone who is facing incarceration for pending charges may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for more information on Dublin Bail Bonds.

Fremont Bail Bonds – Newark resident arrested in Fremont Hardware store

Posted on: 09/24/2014

A 33-year-old Newark woman was spotted by staff in Dale Hardware walking around the store and concealing items on her person. The staff then called the police, but by that time the suspect was already attempting to leave the store.

As the woman was attempting to leave the store without paying for the Items, the hardware store staff began to chase the woman. Once the woman began to flee the woman then fell to the ground and injured her head.

Fremont Police arrived and the suspect was sent to a local hospital before she was booked for felony petty theft with priors. Someone who is facing possible incarceration in a pending criminal case may contact Fremont Bail Bonds.

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