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Dublin Bail Bonds – $2 million drug seizure in Dublin

Posted on: 08/16/2014

Last week Dublin Police served a search warrant at a home on the 5400 block of Aspen street in Dublin after an almost three week investigation.

During the seizure police confiscated over 1,000 plants and more than 80 pounds of processed marijuana. The entire house was set up as a grow operation with a complex ventilation system installed to hide the smell of the plants from escaping the home.

The total estimated cost of the marijuana is about $2 million dollars. Along with the marijuana police also found $10,000 in cash. All suspects were sent to Santa Rita Bail Bonds in Dublin. Anyone seeking information on how to post bail may contact Dublin Bail Bonds.

Santa Rita Bail Bonds – Pharmacy robbery in Alameda County

Posted on: 08/14/2014

Early this month Hayward Police responded to an armed robbery call at a pharmacy on Hesperian Boulevard. According to an employee the suspect entered the store with a handgun drawn at about 10:00am. The suspect then demanded that multiple prescription narcotics from the employee.

After the suspect had the narcotics he ran out the store, but was spotted speeding off in his vehicle. The vehicle description was given to the police and was soon found at home near the area. The car and the resident matched the description given to police.

The police then began to search the home where they found a firearm and recovered the prescription narcotics stolen from the pharmacy. Antone Ray Wiggins, 22, was placed under arrest and booked into Santa Rita Jail. Anyone who is seeking information on how to post bail may contact Santa Rita Bail Bonds.

Fremont Bail Bonds – Fremont man arrested in home invasion case

Posted on: 08/10/2014

On August 3rd Jamala Morris was arrested on suspicion of home invasion and sexual assault charges. Morris was the main suspect in a case of involving 12 felony charges.

According to authorities the victims were neighbors of Morris, but he had not made contact with them prior to the incident.

Morris had entered their home through an unlocked door and threatened them with a sawed off shotgun upon their arrival. Once the victims entered the home Morris bound the two women and took the mother into a separate room where he began to sexually assault her. A male resident entered the home and confronted the assailant, but he was able to escape with his shotgun and a purse.

Police were able to track down the Jamala through a surveillance video and phone records. Once police apprehended Morris they found the victim’s purse and sawed off shotgun in his position.

Morris was taken to Santa Rita Jail where he is being held without bail. Some crimes result in no possibility of bail, but someone who is seeking information on how to post bail may contact Fremont Bail Bonds.

Dublin Bail Bonds – Elderly man facing possible felony charges

Posted on: 08/07/2014

On April 4th 98-year-old Joe Luft was hit and killed while crossing Bancroft way in Berkeley. Luft was out for his daily walk from the Berkshire senior living facility.

The Alameda County District decided to change the original misdemeanor charges to felony vehicular homicide. The DA office determined that the driver showed complete disregard for human safety.

Driver Robert Gilchrist, 56, had uneaten food in his car, so investigators believe that he may have been eating while he was driving. Reports indicate that it didn’t seem like Gilchrist tried to brake, and he was also declared legally blind.

The new charges could result in up to 6 years in prison. Gilchrist is being held in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin until he appears in court again. Anyone who is seeking information on how to post bail may contact Dublin Bail Bonds.

Fremont Bail Bonds – Gang stabbing at Fremont High School

Posted on: 08/03/2014

Early this week a 23-year-old man was stabbed in the American High School Parking lot by a suspected rival gang member.

The incident started when the victim approached what he thought might be a rival gang member. The victim began throwing punches at the other man and was stabbed in the abdomen.

Since the victim was a gang member himself he refused to cooperate with the police. Authorities were unable to locate the weapon once they arrived to the scene.

The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. Anyone who is facing possible incarceration may contact Fremont Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail.

Santa Rita Bail Bonds – Suspect arrested in Hayward motel murder

Posted on: 07/31/2014

Early this month Pedro Cruz, 34, was found and arrested in Las Vegas. FBI investigators apprehended Cruz at a home in Nevada.

Cruz was the main suspect in a murder that happened on July 5th at the Budget Inn on Foothill Blvd. Carlos Cetina, 24, was found dead at the scene of the crime.

According to authorities the pair were using methamphetamine , and an argument started over the victims tattoos that resulted in Cruz shooting Cetina.

Alameda county prosecutors have stated that the suspect is facing charges of murder and a felon in the possession of a deadly weapon.

Anyone who is facing possible incarceration for pending legal charges may contact Santa Rita Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail.

Fremont Bail Bonds – Marijuana grow seizure in Fremont

Posted on: 07/25/2014

Last week a suspect had fled after stealing a bicycle from an REI store in Fremont. The REI employee later recognized the bike outside of work and followed the suspect without their knowledge. The employee then made a call to Fremont Police to report the stolen property.

Once officers were on the scene them immediately realized what was going on at the home. The 34-year-old male was working a large scale marijuana grow operation and was on parole.

Anyone who is facing possible incarceration from pending legal charges may contact Fremont Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail.

Livermore Bail Bonds – Mother arrested at Livermore casino

Posted on: 07/22/2014

This week Livermore Police Department received reports from concerned bystanders after seeing two children locked in a parked car.

Phaley Nget, 37, had left two and three-year-old in unattended in the parking lot of Casino 580. She has apparently left the children while she went inside the casino to gamble. The oldest child was only 3-years-old and the other was 2.

The children were unharmed and taken into protective custody. The mother was booked into Santa Rita County Jail on charges of child endangerment.

Anyone who is facing jail time from pending legal charges may contact Livermore Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail.

Santa Rita Bail Bonds – Alameda County launches prostitute prevention website

Posted on: 07/17/2014

Early this month the Alameda County Sheriff’s department launched a new controversial website that is aimed at fighting sex trafficking and prostitution. Anyone who has been arrested in Oakland for sexual exploitation crimes will have their information on the Oakland Police Departments website. The information will include names and booking photos of those who have been arrested for profiting from prostitution or those who have been arrested for solicitation.

The main focus of the website is to inform the community of persons involved in sexual exploitation. This new section of the site will also include names, birth dates, and city of residence of the individuals arrested in these crimes.

The Oakland Police Department is working with victim advocacy groups to help rescue victims of trafficking and hold those who guilty accountable for their crimes. Anyone who is facing criminal charges and needs information on how to post bail may contact Santa Rita Bail Bonds for more information.

Livermore Bail Bonds – Livermore charter school employee arrested

Posted on: 07/12/2014

Last week Jason Quero, 30, of Livermore was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing an underage student. Quero had been a campus supervisor at the Livermore Valley Charter School, and ran an after-school karate program.

Livermore police arrested Quero on June 27th for suspected charges involving a 14-year-old student between 2010 and 2011, but he was released on the 29th after posting a $400,000 bail.

According to a report from the Alameda County Superior Court Quero is facing charges of felony oral copulation of a person under 16 and sexual penetration with a foreign object. Quero was arrested again and his in-laws home after police became aware of a second victim.

The Alameda County Court reported that Quero posted a $415,000 bail after his second arrest, and is expected to return to court for a hearing on July 15th.

Anyone facing incarceration for pending criminal charges may contact Livermore Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail.

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