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Toy Guns and Risks to Public Safety

Posted on: 03/01/2015

A Livermore police sergeant recently approached CBS news, so that he could bring attention to a new trend that could potentially lead to the death of citizens or police officers.

In one example Sgt. Goard showed news anchors a toy gun that had been modified to fire live shotgun shells. In other cases people have even begun to customize firearms with bright colors and cartoon characters.

Since these brightly colored firearms appear to be toys no one would be able to tell if they are in actually in danger or not. Officers may also hesitate to take defensive action against a possible threat if they see what appears to be a toy and not an real gun.

This is an issue that has yet to be acknowledged by legislators, and authorities have stated that attempted gun assault on peace officers is up 55% from last year.

Some law enforcement departments have even gone as far as stating that in a possible life-threatening situation, officers will not rely on the color of a weapon to determine whether or not it is a risk.

Since there is no current legislation that restricts firearms to only be certain colors gun owners are allowed to paint their weapons if they choose to do so. Innocent lives could be lost if other agencies decide to implement the same practices.

Individuals could be facing criminal charges if authorities decide someone is improperly using a weapon. For help regarding any Livermore Bail Bonds be sure to contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for more information.


Stalker Arrest Ends in Car Chase

Posted on: 02/26/2015

Earlier this week a Fremont woman was arrested after she had led officers on a chase on highway 12.

Police were called to a restaurant in Sebastapol after staff members reported that a woman was refusing to leave the bar area even after several requests to do so. The woman did not want to leave because she had been stalking a member of a band from inside of the bar.

The restaurant employees then had to use force to remove the bar. Soon after she left, police arrived to the scene while the suspect was attempting to flee. She was spotted in her car in a nearby parking lot when she was approached by officers. As they were attempting to talk to her she turned on her car and quickly drove in reverse to escape from the officers. During her speedy getaway she struck one of the officers and continued onto Highway 12.

After a pursuit across two cities the suspect stopped at a red light. The officers then approached her vehicle and asked to surrender. She continued to be uncooperative, so her driver side window was smashed and she was pulled out of the car.

The suspect was immediately placed in handcuffs and later identified as Morgan Greene, 48, of Fremont.

Greene was placed into jail with a bail set at $50,000. She is facing charges of evading, resisting and assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

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Fatal Shooting in East Bay

Posted on: 02/25/2015

Luis Alfaro, 18, of Oakland was seen in court earlier this month in connection with a fatal shooting on January 29th of this year. The shoot has occurred around 9p.m. outside of the Adams Point Market.

Along with eyewitness reports, nearby surveillance video cameras were able to record the shooting. According to the report the victim has just left the Adams corner store and was approached by Alfaro.

Authorities stated that the victim and the suspect frequently hung out near the convenience store and that they had knew each other prior to the shooting. The victim was later identified as Alfred Nunnery Sr., 38, and lived in the same neighborhood as the shooter.

On the night of the shooting Alfaro approached Nunnery as he walked out of the store and they immediately engaged in a verbal confrontation. Alfaro refused to tell investigators what their dispute was about, but the argument escalated to the point that the suspect drew his handgun and fatally shot Nunnery.

With the surveillance video and first hand accounts authorities were able to identify Alfaro as the suspected shooter. Police were then able to issue a warrant for probable cause. He is currently being held in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without the opportunity of bail.

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Livermore Burglar and Transient Arrested

Posted on: 02/24/2015

Earlier this month Derick Lewis, 26, of Livermore and transient Daniel McGlaughlin, 31 were arrested in connection to a string of robberies in the East Bay.

East Bay police agencies had been conducting extra surveillance due to several car and commercial burglaries.

During an investigation of an auto burglary, San Ramon police were notified by a resident that there was a pair of suspicious characters in her neighborhood.

When the resident approached the men they took off on foot and left their vehicle behind. Police then discover that the car that was left behind had been previously stolen from Livermore. Inside the vehicle investigators found other items that had been reported stolen.

Later that day officers located the two suspects by a Carl’s Jr. on Crow Canyon Road. The suspects also had stolen property in their possession when they were searched. Both men were arrested and booked in to Santa Rita Jail on multiple counts of suspicion of burglary.

Pleasanton police also responded to reports of theft on the same day. Officers located suspects in a car stealing mail from mailboxes. They tried to pull over the suspects but they threw the mail from the car and were able to make an escape.

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Four Arrested in Meth Lab Raid

Posted on: 02/22/2015

On Wednesday February 18th Dublin and other East Bay Law enforcement agencies pulled together in an attempt to serve a warrant at a Dublin Home. Investigators had been investigating the home and conducting surveillance for some time.

Once police entered the home they discovered multiple types of chemicals that are commonly used in the manufacturing of methamphetamines.

Since the chemicals used to make methamphetamines can be highly toxic or even explosive, the Alameda County Hazardous Material Team was sent in to ensure that the home was safe to re-enter.

After everyone was cleared to go back inside, the search continued and officers discovered firearms, and large amounts of cash. Among the items used to manufacture the methamphetamines were individually separated bags of meth for intended sale.

The suspects arrested in this case were later identified as Mareia Oliveria of fremont and Jeffery Lostica of Hayward. The other two suspects were Geraldine Aguilar and Jimmy Yatman of Dublin. All four suspects were arrested and booked into Santa Rita Jail.

For anyone seeking help in a pending criminal case in Fremont or any other East Bay area, they may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for more information. Nor Cal Bail Bonds is available to serve across the Bay Area regarding any Fremont Bail Bonds and several other locations.

Two Time Sex Offender to Receive Maximum Punishment

Posted on: 02/17/2015

Carlyle Villazon, 33, was recently arrested in Union City after allegedly committed lewd acts with a child under the age of 14.

According to authorities Villazon approached a young girl and cornered her in the toy isle of a 99 Cent store. Once the girl was alone and cornered the suspect began to place his hand in the child’s pants. He was spotted soon after and fled from the store on foot.

Villazon was already a registered as a sex offender from a crime committed in 2010. In his previous charge he had attacked a young girl who had wandered away from her mother in Wal-Mart in the same manner. After the incident customers were able to find Villazon before he left the store and hold him down until police arrived.

He was released on probation, but he was considered a high-risk offender so he was required to wear a GPS-monitoring device at all times.

Local police were able to track the suspects’ location with the ankle monitoring system and confirm his identity with surveillance video. Officers then tract down the suspect and transported him to Santa Rita Jail.

Prosecutors are looking to convict Villazon with the maximum punishment possible. He is currently in Santa Rita Jail where he is being held without the opportunity of bail.

If you or a loved one is facing incarceration in a pending legal matter with the opportunity of bail, you may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Santa Rita Bail Bonds.


Pot Grower Fires at Undercover Police

Posted on: 02/15/2015

During a patrol of a ware house district in West Oakland, undercover Alameda County Sherriff’s were fired at by an unknown attacker.

The officers were staking out a suspected marijuana grow operation and were dressed in street clothes. The suspect who was later identified at Sebastian Ledwick, 33, of Castro Valley seemed to be unaware that he was firing at law enforcement officers.

The suspects grow facility was located off 28th street and officers had been staking out the spot for some time. When they approached the building the suspect may have thought that a pair of men were attempting to rob him and so he began to discharge his firearm.

The suspect fired multiple rounds, but the officers were able to take cover behind a vehicle. They did not return fire and got away unharmed.

Soon after the incident authorities were able to detain the suspect and recover a high powered handgun used in the shooting. Ledwick is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possible drug and weapon violations. He is being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin with a bail of $150,000

During the investigation officers were able to locate multiple pot grows and several arrests in connection to the same case.

When you or a loved one needs help in a pending legal matter, contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for information regarding any Dublin Bail Bonds.


Drunk Driver Crashes Into City Bus, Six Injured

Posted on: 02/11/2015

Redwood City resident Jimmy Velasco, 32, was recently sentenced to a year in jail after smashing into the back of a SamTrans bus in South San Francisco.

On January 3rd around 6pm Velasco was speeding through Arroyo drive and slammed into the bus that had stopped in an intersection. Upon hitting the bus, multiple passengers were jolted within the vehicle and were injured as a result.

One the authorities responded to the accident, the injured passengers were taken to the hospital and Velasco was detained by the police. The suspect immediately admitted that he hit the bus and was “a little drunk”. When the officers tested his blood-alcohol content the results were 0.17 percent and he threw up just after being placed into the back of their squad car.

Since Velasco pleaded no contest to felony drunk driving he was sentenced to the maximum penalty of two years in prison. IF the court approves a weekend work release program he may be able to avoid some jail time.

Along with the jail time the suspect will be placed on probation for five years and be required to pay restitution to all of the victims injured in the accident. To one victim he must pay $7,341 and the amount to be paid to the other victims has yet to be determined.

Anyone who may be facing possible incarceration for a pending legal charge may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds. We are available 24 hours a day and can help regarding and Redwood City Bail Bonds.

Woman Ran Over Twice and Pulled Back Into Car

Posted on: 02/09/2015

California Highway Patrol reported that a male suspect and his female passenger engaged in an argument while traveling on Interstate 680. The ongoing argument caused the pair to exit the freeway and pull over to the side of the road.
Once the couple stopped they proceeded to exit the car and the verbal argument took a more violent turn. According to an eyewitness report the victim had begun to leave the scene when male suspect struck her with his vehicle.  After the woman was hit the suspect then backed up his car and tan over the victim again.  She was then pulled back into the vehicle and the suspect fled the area.
Police officers were able to use the description provided by an eyewitness to track down a possible suspect and his vehicle. Washington Wiley, Jr., 22, was later arrested in Castro Valley on Interstate 580. He was then booked into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of felony hit and run and assault with a deadly weapon. The victim had sustained serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital.
The suspect remains in Santa Rita Jail on $41,000 bail. For information regarding Santa Rita Bail bonds you may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds 24 hours a day.

Berkeley Police Pizza Delivery Sting

Posted on: 02/07/2015

Berkeley resident Marcell Stargetti, 18, is facing four charges of armed robbery that took place in November of last year. Each robbery was within a mile radius, near the North Berkeley BART station.

Stargetti was originally arrested with two other juvenile suspects after they had tried to order a pizza with a stolen credit card.

The local police were notified when the suspects used the stolen credit card, and they were able to contact the restaurant to track down who had ordered the pizza. Once the officers had the information from the restaurant they proceeded to deliver the pizza.

The police arrived to the address that the suspects had provided and once the suspects spotted the officers they quickly ran inside.

Once the suspects were apprehended the only adult suspect Stargetti was booked into the local jail. Officers were able to recover a handgun and linked the suspects to four armed robbery cases.

Stargetti remains in Santa Rita Jail on a bail of $450,000 until his pre-trail hearing. IF you or a loved one is facing jail time in a pending legal matter, you may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Berkeley Bail Bonds.

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