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Dublin gas station robbery – Dublin Bail Bonds

Posted on: 04/11/2014

Dublin police recently responded to a 911 call from a gas station located on Dougherty road where there was reportedly a robbery in progress. The call was made around midnight after an assailant entered the gas station store demanding money from the register.

According to the report the robber was carrying a baseball bat, black bag, and a red plastic gas can. With the gas can in hang he informed the teller that he would burn down the gas station if he did not comply with his demands. After the robbery he jumped into a red Nissan with an undisclosed amount of cash.

There has yet to be an arrest in this case. Robberies and other crimes that would require bail may be handled by contacting Dublin Bail Bonds.

ATM robbery in Livermore – Livermore Bail Bonds

Posted on: 04/06/2014

Livermore Police are investing an ATM robbery that occurred at a Bank of America on 4213 First street. According to the report a man dressed in all black approached a woman at an ATM around 10pm with a baseball bat and demanded that she give him all of her money.

The robber was described as a short Caucasian male around thirty years old and was seen escaping the scene in a red sedan. In addition to taking all of the woman’s money the robber was also able to steal her cell phone.

Immediately following the robbery the woman to a local business where she was able to call 911. Livermore police reported that the victim was not harmed during the robbery, but no arrests have been made yet. Local residents facing imprisonment in a criminal case may contact Livermore Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail.

Man arrested for Craigslist posting- Santa Rita Bail Bonds

Posted on: 04/03/2014

Early this month San Leandro Police arrested a man after a report that he was trying to sell stolen property in a Craigslist ad. According to authorities the man had stolen two German Shepherd puppies and was attempting to sell them online.

The owner of the dogs was looking at puppies for sale online when she came across an ad with her puppies in the photo. She then contacted the seller and arranged to meet with him to buy the dogs, and had the Police ready for when he arrived. Once the thief got to the meeting place police were able to arrest the man. He had one of the puppies with him, and gave police information on where they could locate the second puppy.

After he was arrested the police identified the man as Richard Coleman, 30, and booked him into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of extortion and possession of stolen property. If you’re in need of Santa Rita Bail Bonds call Nor Cal Bail Bonds.

Dublin teen bomb threat suspect – Dublin Bail Bonds

Posted on: 03/31/2014

A 14-year-old Dublin teen was recently arrested in connection to alleged bomb threats to schools in Montana. The teen reportedly contacted two Montana schools over a three day period.

During the first day he had made a call to a Helena High school where he claimed that he has placed explosives in the gymnasium. Two days later Helena dispatchers received a similar call to a local elementary school and the FBI began to investigate.

In their investigation officials were able track the calls being made the Dublin teen. According to the reports the teen made anonymous calls using a “magic jack’ phone. The teen was arrested at Dublin high school and later confessed to making the calls. Police also found out that he was acquainted with another teen in Montana who he met from playing Xbox online.

The suspect is a minor, so police did not release any names and the investigation in on going. Juveniles are not able to receive bail, but for anyone else seeking information on bail may contact Dublin Bail Bonds.

Livermore Police arrest man in ongoing sexual abuse case

Posted on: 03/27/2014

71-year-old Jesus Vargas recently went to trail after being arrested by Livermore Police Department on suspicion of child molestation. Vargas had already served an eight years sentence for sexual abuse of a child and was already registered as a sex offender.

After it an investigation authorities determined that Vargas had allegedly molested the 6-year-old at least three times over a three month period. Investigators also stated that he knew the victim and was a family friend.

Vargas was arrested and booked into Santa Rita Jail. Livermore Police Department does not believe that there are any other victims in the case. Livermore Bail Bonds handles related cases and may be contacted for any information on bail.

Dublin man shot and killed by Oakland resident

Posted on: 03/22/2014

Early this month Jonathan Rhone was apprehended by police as a person of interest in the shooting of a Dublin resident. He was soon released because they had a lack of evidence, but was later arrested in Newark after police were able to build a stronger case against him.

Jacob Velasquez, 24, was found by police on March 5th with at least one gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. He had been shot inside Rhone’s SUV and admitted to destroying evidence inside the vehicle. Rhone is facing a murder and charges of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. Rhone is expected to return to Alameda County Superior Court next month. Anyone facing criminal charges in the area should contact Dublin Bail bonds for information on receiving bail.

Criminals target Santa Clara bingo halls

Posted on: 03/20/2014

Santa Clara police investigators believe a robbery ring responsible for multiple armed robberies around Santa Clara University could also be involved with the recent string of thefts at local bingo halls.

Last month at Aqua Maids Bingo Hall an elderly woman was pistol whipped after walking out of the bingo hall with her winnings, and earlier this month two armed robbers were able to make out with wads of cash from the same hall. The hall has multiple cameras and a guard, but no armed security. According to owners they would rather not make a bad situation worse and would prefer to lose money instead of lives.

So far Santa Clara police have been able to make four arrests in connection to the bingo hall robberies. Robbery suspects: Christopher jones and Deandre Egu who posed as players, and two of their accomplices.

Livermore Preschool owners awaiting trial

Posted on: 03/18/2014

Sisters Linda and Nazilla Sharaf were owners of a Livermore preschool until a recent investigation after reports of infant abuse and neglect. The two reportedly swaddled infants too tight, and put babies at risk of suffocation. According to authorities they used extra ties and restraints on the children including ones with known respiratory problems. To insure that no one could unexpectedly see what they were doing they went as far as to keep all of their doors locked.

Social Services and Livermore Police Department investigators stated that the two never struck the children, but they did put them in danger. The sisters are now facing four misdemeanor and three felony counts of child abuse, they are awaiting trial. If you are facing charges such as misdemeanor abuse you can contact Livermore Bail Bonds for bail information.

Man attacked with sledgehammer in carjacking

Posted on: 03/15/2014

Pleasanton resident Aaron Hanna, 26, was recently arrested by San Mateo police after allegedly striking a man then stealing his car.

Hanna was riding with an acquaintance when the car overheated, so the 30-year-old San Bruno resident pulled over into a Chevron parking lot on North Delaware Street.

Once the driver got out to attend to his vehicle he was struck with a sledgehammer. The victim didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries, but Hanna was then able to flee with his black Honda Accord.

Officers sent out a city wide broadcast and after a few hours they were able to track down Hanna and the vehicle. He was then booked into San Mateo County Jail on suspicion of auto theft, assault with a deadly weapon, and carjacking.

New laws for underage drinking

Posted on: 02/28/2014

The California Supreme court ruled last week that an underage host who charges admission to a party where alcohol is being served can be held liable if an intoxicated
underage guest injures or kills someone.

Since 1978 a state law protected bars and social hosts from being sued when a guest harms someone or causes civil damages as a result of being served alcohol.

This new law states that by a host collecting admission fees they are potentially liable for the person’s action, and qualifies as a sale of alcoholic beverages. The new law will also effect host that serve intoxicated young people at parties or facilities outside their homes regardless of whether they are visibly impaired at the time they are served.

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