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Are Vehicle Break-Ins on the Rise in Dublin?

Posted on: 12/15/2016

Police have been putting citizens on alert concerning the possibility of vehicle break-ins. While not always as common as home robberies, these types of crimes are still prevalent in popular areas like Dublin. But while these warnings may cause some to assume that criminal activity is simply increasing in the area, other factors may also be responsible for these warnings being issued.

What Leads to Vehicle Break-Ins?

Breaking into a vehicle is considered an “opportunistic” type of crime. Unlike a home burglary, this type of theft requires much less planning and is also much easier to accomplish. It is more likely to occur when valuables are left in a vehicle or the vehicle is parked in an area without surveillance.
Vehicle break-ins are often quick and sporadic crimes that don’t require much planning. Because they can happen so swiftly, police are putting people on high alert. But while Dublin and the surrounding areas may be at risk for these crimes, the issue may not be only the area but also the time of year.

The Effect of Holidays on Break-In Rates

Authorities have noted that vehicle break-ins seem to occur during the holiday season. In many cases, vehicles which are parked at large retailers or shopping malls may already have gifts and valuables inside of them. This makes for easier targets and causes would-be burglars to try their luck more often.
Police have noted that removing the temptation is one of the best ways to avoid being victimized. Seeing valuables inside a vehicle is sometimes all that it takes to make a criminal attempt a break in. And with the right tools, entering a locked vehicle is easy. A person’s valuables can be gone in seconds, and catching the perpetrator isn’t always easy.

How Else Can People Protect Themselves?

In addition to hiding valuables away, there are other ways people can stop themselves from being victimized. Parking in well-lit areas with surveillance cameras can deter criminals, as can being aware of one’s surroundings.
With petty crime rates increasing in the area and vehicle break-ins being more likely during the holidays, authorities urge citizens to contact police should anything seem out of place or suspicious.

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