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Fremont Jail

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    Fremont Jail

    Nor Cal Bail Bonds specializes in providing the Bail Bonds & House Calls for the Fremont Jail, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week. Nor Cal Bail Bonds serves the entire tri-cities area including Fremont, Union City and Newark. For help with bail at the Fremont Jail or any other Alameda facility call our local bail bondsman at (510) 295-2294. We offer quality customer service 24 hours a day to the Fremont Jail. Everyday, we help people in Fremont just like you with their situations with the utmost respect, professionalism, and discretion.

    The Fremont jail is a smaller facility, typically only holding inmates for a short time. It is located behind the police department in Fremont.  The jail holds up to 60 prisoners and is intended to provide temporary custody prior to arraignment in court, or transfer to the Alameda County jail. The Detention Facility is located at 1990 Stevenson Blvd. Bail can be posted at the Fremont Jail 24 hours a day in the lobby.

    Norcalbailbonds is always respectful of your privacy. We know how tough and stressful situations like this can be. A family owned and operated bail agency, we can give each and every client the personalized attention and high level service they deserve. We are here to help you and your family make it through a difficult time. We, the owners of Nor Cal Bail Bonds, have a proud history of service and dedication in providing bail bonds services. Nor Cal Bail Bonds wants to be your bail agency of choice for today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

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