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Which Crimes Are Becoming More Prevalent in Dublin?

Posted on: 12/14/2016

Citizens and police must always work together to help combat crimes. Police always urge citizens to report suspicious activity and to stay informed. While law enforcement has been working diligently to reduce crime in the area over the years, some crimes have become more widespread than others.
While the data for 2016 is still not complete, crime patterns throughout previous years paint a picture of which acts have been reduced and which ones are still a large risk to the public. Understanding these rates can help citizens stay on alert and prevent themselves from being victimized.

Assault and Other Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are always particularly scary because their presence in an area can make people feel unsafe about going out and conducting their daily routine. While strong-arm robberies have increased in Dublin, acts committed with a firearm have decreased substantially. Robberies with a knife or other weapons have remained about the same.
Murders have remained low, and rapes have also remained lower than recent years despite a slight increase in 2015. While violent crimes are a cause for concern, these are only one category of criminal activity.

Burglary, Larceny, and Other Types of Theft

Total burglaries were down last year with forcible burglaries, unlawful entries, and attempted forcible entries all decreasing substantially from 2014. However, larceny and theft from a motor vehicle increased substantially in the area last year.
The rate of stolen vehicles has also increased for both cars and trucks, though the total has decreased for theft of other vehicles since 2014. As far as other property crimes go, arson has also experienced a dip. Crime rates per year for Dublin can be found here.

Will 2016 Show New Trends?

2016 has been a noteworthy year in Dublin, with a few prominent instances of crime making headlines. Many are waiting with anticipation to see whether or not current crime rates continue to follow along with their previous trends or whether or not they change. On the whole, Dublin is currently listed as being safer than 46 percent of cities in the United States.

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