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What is the Purpose of Bail Bonds?

Posted on: 11/04/2016

Dublin, California is a thriving area with plenty to do. The area’s legal system is somewhat complex, and it has been structured in such a way as to provide procedural and civil resolutions for disputes which may occur in the area. One of the most important aspects of the legal system is the concept of bail bonds.

Dublin bail bonds are a part of a system that allows a person who has been arrested to be released on the condition that they will appear in court. This type of measure gives the defendant an added incentive to show up in court. It encourages cooperation with the legal procedure without requiring the individual to be detained until their court date.

Bail bond systems differ depending on the state and local laws, and they can even be different based on the type of crime in question.  Every instance is unique, but a bail bond system usually follows a similar procedure.

What is a Bail Bond?

Dublin bail bonds are somewhat similar to those in other areas. They play an important role in the legal process and anyone who is accused of a crime or who is considering posting bail for someone who was accused of a crime should understand how this system works.

Bail bonds can come in the form of money or even property which is deposited. This is done to ensure a person who is jailed for a crime will appear in court. If the promise is broken, the amount will be forfeited. This means that this system can help to facilitate legal proceedings in a formal manner.

How is a Bail Bond Set?

A bail bond is set by a judge and a county clerk. A receipt is issued as proof that the bail was posted, and there are conditions about how high a bail bond can be. This has to do with the nature of the offense. Dublin bail bonds provide a way to ensure a person shows up to court without the need to keep them in custody.

In the event that the individual does not show up for their hearing, an order will be issued for an additional hearing as well as for the individual’s arrest. If the person cannot provide a valid reason for missing the date, then they will forfeit their bail. This places a greater level of importance on the court hearing for the defendant.


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