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Oakland Man Arrested in Dublin Home Burglary

Posted on: 12/22/2016

Dublin, California is generally, a quiet little town in Alameda County. On the morning of December 14th, however, for one Dublin resident that was not the case.

The homeowner woke up to what sounded like someone moving around downstairs. When the homeowner went downstairs to investigate, he found the intruder. Once the burglar spotted him, he took off.

The resident was quick enough to get the license plate number and gave the police a description of the car that thief was driving.

Law enforcement identified the owner as Percel Costello, an Oakland resident. Costello was named as the burglar in a photo lineup. The identification allowed authorities to obtain a search warrant and in their investigation, they located the clothing worn by the accused in the burglary.

They did not, however, recover the stolen property as of the last report on the case.

Costello was booked and is being held in the Santa Rita jail. It is not known if bail was set.

Law enforcement has noticed an increase in reported crimes since November. They have attributed the spike to the holidays. Thefts increase with the thieves’ hopes that they will score big with Christmas purchases that homeowners have stashed in the house. Robberies near retail establishments increase as well, taking advantage of harried shoppers.

Local police have advised residents to not leave valuables and tempting items in their cars. Thieves scope out parked cars in lots and neighborhoods for potential targets. Items left lying out on seats or floors in plain sight are very tempting to a criminal looking for an easy score. Not only can you be out your valuables, but you are probably looking at a broken window to boot. Remove items and store inside or lock them away in the trunk out of prying eyes.

Package theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. With the increase of online shopping, especially around the holidays, thieves are stealing packages right off front porches. Some even follow delivery drivers on their route and go right behind them snatching packages up as fast as the driver delivers them.

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