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Violent Home-invasion in Fremont

Posted on: 11/24/2015

Fremont Police are currently investigating a violent home-invasion robbery that occurred last week.

Authorities received reports of the home-invasion around 10 p.m. Last Thursday. The victim was approached by three males armed with pistols as he drove into his garage. The suspects then ordered him at gunpoint into his home.

Once inside the gunmen forced the victim to the ground along with family members that were already inside the home. The three men rummaged through the house for about a half hour and managed to escape with several valuable items.

Officers were unable to locate the suspects after a throughout search the area. The men were last seen wearing gloves, beanies and ski masks.

No injuries were reported as a result of the break-in and no similar crimes have been reported in the area since this incident.

Law enforcement agencies urge families to be aware that the frequency of crimes such as this can increase during the holiday season. It is becoming more common that malls and shopping centers have had to increase security in order to detour criminals from breaking into cars in their parking lots. Shoppers vehicles were being targeted after they would drop off gifts to their car between purchases. Thieves have also been known to snatch holiday gifts that are delivered and left on doorsteps.

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