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Two Time Sex Offender to Receive Maximum Punishment

Posted on: 02/17/2015

Carlyle Villazon, 33, was recently arrested in Union City after allegedly committed lewd acts with a child under the age of 14.

According to authorities Villazon approached a young girl and cornered her in the toy isle of a 99 Cent store. Once the girl was alone and cornered the suspect began to place his hand in the child’s pants. He was spotted soon after and fled from the store on foot.

Villazon was already a registered as a sex offender from a crime committed in 2010. In his previous charge he had attacked a young girl who had wandered away from her mother in Wal-Mart in the same manner. After the incident customers were able to find Villazon before he left the store and hold him down until police arrived.

He was released on probation, but he was considered a high-risk offender so he was required to wear a GPS-monitoring device at all times.

Local police were able to track the suspects’ location with the ankle monitoring system and confirm his identity with surveillance video. Officers then tract down the suspect and transported him to Santa Rita Jail.

Prosecutors are looking to convict Villazon with the maximum punishment possible. He is currently in Santa Rita Jail where he is being held without the opportunity of bail.

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