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Two Suspects Arrested in Fatal Bar Shooting

Posted on: 03/30/2015

Two suspect have been arrested after a fatal shooting in front a bar last Friday.

Police responded to reports of a shooting outside of a bar in Union City called “The Spot”. The victim was later identified as Tjorn MaGee, 32, of Salinas. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was reported dead at the scene.

After gathering eyewitness reports investigators were able to find out that two men participated in the shooting and they were both seen leaving in a white van.

The shooting seems to have resulted from jealousy towards the victim after he had fraternized with an ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects.

Fremont Police later spotted a van that met the description of the suspects’ vehicle near Interstate 80. Both suspects were found in the vehicle and were arrested without incident.

The suspects were identified as Gary Wayne Gates, 53, of East Palo Alto and Kenneth Tyrone Young, 53 if San Jose.

Gates was booked into Santa Rita Jail with a bail set at $5,000 while Young is being held without the option of bail. He is facing additional charges such as possession of a controlled substance and having a firearm with previous felony convictions. Both suspects remain in custody and are expected to be seen in court next week.

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