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Toy Guns and Risks to Public Safety

Posted on: 03/01/2015

A Livermore police sergeant recently approached CBS news, so that he could bring attention to a new trend that could potentially lead to the death of citizens or police officers.

In one example Sgt. Goard showed news anchors a toy gun that had been modified to fire live shotgun shells. In other cases people have even begun to customize firearms with bright colors and cartoon characters.

Since these brightly colored firearms appear to be toys no one would be able to tell if they are in actually in danger or not. Officers may also hesitate to take defensive action against a possible threat if they see what appears to be a toy and not an real gun.

This is an issue that has yet to be acknowledged by legislators, and authorities have stated that attempted gun assault on peace officers is up 55% from last year.

Some law enforcement departments have even gone as far as stating that in a possible life-threatening situation, officers will not rely on the color of a weapon to determine whether or not it is a risk.

Since there is no current legislation that restricts firearms to only be certain colors gun owners are allowed to paint their weapons if they choose to do so. Innocent lives could be lost if other agencies decide to implement the same practices.

Individuals could be facing criminal charges if authorities decide someone is improperly using a weapon. For help regarding any Livermore Bail Bonds be sure to contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for more information.


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