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Suspect Arrested in Livermore Double Homicide

Posted on: 03/04/2015

This week 28-year-old James Wears of Livermore was arrested in connection to the recent shooting near Altamont Creek.

Police responded to the report of a shooting around 9 p.m. when they found two men in their 20s, both suffering from gunshot wounds. One victim was transported to a local hospital, but he was not able to survive his injuries. The second suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

This incident marked the first homicide in Livermore since 2012.

Authorities believe that the suspect and the victims knew each other prior to the shooting. It is suspects that the shooting was a result of an argument during an exchange of contraband.

In addition to the murder charges, Wears will also be facing charges of suspicion of possessing a firearm. He is already a convicted felon and is prohibited to own any firearms as part of his prior sentencing.

Investigators believe that the shooting was an “isolated incident” and that citizens should remain calm. They believe that it is unlikely that additional shootings would result from this recent shooting.

Wears currently remains in custody at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. As of now he is in custody for possession of a firearm and possible homicide charges in the future. More information is being gathered as the investigation continues. Police anticipate that additional evidence will connect Wears to the shooting.

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