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Sex Scandal of Livermore

Posted on: 08/16/2016

A police officer from Livermore Police Department is alleged to be a part of law enforcement officers of the Bay Area involved sexually with underage sex worker Celeste Guap.

A statement was released by the administration of the Livermore Police Department on 30th of June. According to the administration of the department, the officer was placed on leave while an investigation was being undertaken internally, after the media reports regarding the officer’s relation and involvement with Guap.

The officer will remain on leave until and unless the department completes the investigation.

The Chief of Livermore police, Michael Harris, states he takes it very seriously what the members of the Livermore Police Department get themselves into, whether they are on duty or not, which can negatively impact the public trust and image of the police. He also said he expects according to his experience, that both men and women of the police department consider this, and hold themselves on the top of standard laid out ethically and serve the citizens honorably.

He also stated if any of the officers in question have broken any law or violated the policy of the police department, they will be investigated thoroughly and immediate disciplinary action will be enforced against him/her.

An independent criminal investigation is being carried out by the D.A’s office of Alameda County. Earlier on the same day, it was announced by officials of the Contra Costa County that the sheriff’s deputy resigned when he was being investigated for his suspected involvement in the sexual misconduct scandal in the East Bay.

Besides Livermore, officers from the Police Departments of Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond and also the sheriff’s offices of Alameda and Contra Costa County are involved in this investigation.

Numerous police officers of Richmond Police Department have been under serious investigation for their involvement with a woman, who is seemingly a human trafficking victim who might have been wronged as she was underage, by several police officers from Oakland.

An officer named Jerrod Tong has been said to be placed on leave with relevance to this investigation in July, after being re-deputed away from the areas where he could have had any interaction with the girl.

This scandal started with the suicide of an Oakland Police officer, Brendan O’ Brien, which led to the investigation of Guap, an alias, since last September. O’ Brien implicated three other officers in his typed suicide note.

His suicide note exposed facts which led the police department to interview Guap, whose mother is a police dispatcher, also investigating that whether the officers had sexual intercourse with her while she was underage.

Although the investigation had been going on silently for several months, some facts were made public in May and escalated rapidly, which involved numerous agencies of the Bay Area. As the case and investigation grew, two Oakland police have been placed on leave, three have resigned, and a former police captain was fired as an inspector of the district attorney in Alameda County. A sheriff’s deputy resigned in Contra Costa, and a Livermore police officer was given leave.

The interim police chief of Richmond, Allwyn Brown, said these are very unique circumstances, and Guap has been cooperative but protective of her associates.

The District Attorney, Nancy O’ Malley, in Oakland is being asked by the activists to confirm the prosecuting of the officers involved in this misconduct with an underage girl. O’ Malley assures the prosecution will go ahead if sufficient evidence is collected.

O’ Malley stated she hopes that the matter is concluded in the coming weeks. Her office has been involved in this investigation since May. The federal monitor of the police department has criticized the investigation conducted by the police investigation, which led to an audit and check of the training and recruitment of department. Thus, resulting in the resignation of further three police chiefs.

O’ Malley further said that apart from collecting most possible evidence, the investigators are making sure that the young girl is taken good care of and sensitivity is shown to her, considering she has been wronged and exploited.

Ricardo Orozco, a former Oakland police Captain, was caught up in communicating with Guap and was fired from his position of Captain as soon as the allegations arose.

Guap has given a statement to the media personnel stating she was sexually involved with three officers and one of them was from the Oakland Police and was transferred. Although the police have refused to comment on the particular officials, it has been assured that a sound and active investigation is being carried out regarding the possible link between the law enforcement officers and Guap.

At the Hall of Justice in San Francisco activists arrived to demand that if evidence is collected and all the allegations are proved true, then the officers be persecuted and charged with sex trafficking of a minor.

According to the member of Anti-police Terror project Yayne Abeba, Guap ran to an officer to ask him for help to get away from the pimp as she was underage; however, they wronged her sexually, and when she approached the police, they expanded the exploitation. Abeba said that she feels as if Guap is not being taken seriously by the law agencies or the public as she is now 18 years of age.

Spokesman for the D.A’s office, Alex Bastian, stated his office will take legal action if evidence gathered finds the officers guilty of committing a crime.

Guap has told the police and the media she started the sexual relations with the police officers when she was working as a sex worker and was a minor too. And some of the officers apparently tipped her off to police raids and/or introduced her in return to other police officials.

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