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Santa Rita Bail Bonds – Pharmacy robbery in Alameda County

Posted on: 08/14/2014

Early this month Hayward Police responded to an armed robbery call at a pharmacy on Hesperian Boulevard. According to an employee the suspect entered the store with a handgun drawn at about 10:00am. The suspect then demanded that multiple prescription narcotics from the employee.

After the suspect had the narcotics he ran out the store, but was spotted speeding off in his vehicle. The vehicle description was given to the police and was soon found at home near the area. The car and the resident matched the description given to police.

The police then began to search the home where they found a firearm and recovered the prescription narcotics stolen from the pharmacy. Antone Ray Wiggins, 22, was placed under arrest and booked into Santa Rita Jail. Anyone who is seeking information on how to post bail may contact Santa Rita Bail Bonds.

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