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Santa Rita Bail Bonds – Oakland man arrested at Target

Posted on: 09/20/2014

Target security guards recently spotted a suspicious character who was walking around the store with a large suitcase. They quickly identified the man as a patron who was roaming the stores in the week prior to the incident.

The last time they had seen the 34-year-old man there was a merchandise theft. They were able to catch the suspect on camera, but were unable to apprehend him when he last left the store. The man assumed he had gotten away with the crime and returned to attempt the same maneuver.

The police were called and the suspect was detained as the gentleman attempted to leave the store. Once the man was searched police found 28 canisters of baby formula in the suspect’s suitcase. The man was then sent and booked into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of commercial burglary and theft charges. Anyone who is seeking information on how to post bail in a pending criminal case may contact Santa Rita Bail Bonds.

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