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Fremont couple arrested in stolen car – Santa Rita Bail Bonds

Posted on: 04/15/2014

Early this month while patrolling a local Motel 6 Fremont Police located a Cadillac that they believed had been stolen. Police began to follow the car as the suspects drove southbound on Fremont Boulevard until they pulled the car over by the Decoto Road intersection.

Once the car was pulled over the police were able to identify that the vehicle had been reported stolen. The names of the duo were not released by the police, but they were identified as a male driver and a female passenger. The 37-year-old male driver was searched and was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. When authorities ran the 42-year-old female passengers information they discovered that she already had an outstanding felony warrant. Both suspects were booked into Santa Rita jail in Dublin. Anyone who is facing imprisonment for similar crimes may contact Santa Rita Bail bonds for information on posting bail.

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