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Santa Rita Bail Bonds – Attempted car thefts in Alameda County

Posted on: 09/07/2014

San Leandro Police were responding to a report of “suspicious characters” when they spotted two men who were looking inside cars near John Muir Middle School.

The officers began to approach the pair and they immediately took off on foot. They follow the men until one stopped and drew a sharp steel woodworking tool at the officers. The officers then drew their weapons and one of the suspects began to cooperate. The other suspect threw his weapon and detained shortly after.

The suspects Carlos Onate, 31 and Sunil Kamelshan, 37 of San Leandro were already wanted for auto theft charges and were booked into Santa Rita Jail. Onate is also facing charges of resisting arrest and brandishing a dangerous weapon at an officer. If you or a loved one are facing incarceration due to criminal charges you may contact Santa Rita Bail Bonds for more information.

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