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Robbery at Pleasanton Home Depot

Posted on: 03/12/2015

Earlier this week Ainslee Smith, 25, of Walnut Creek was arrested for allegedly stealing power tools from a Home Depot in Pleasanton. Smith was also seen with a male suspect as she fled the crime scene.

Authorities were later able to identify Smith’s getaway driver as Steven Proctor, 21. As a security guard was attempting to detain Smith, he was hit by Proctor’s Lexus. The loss prevention officer was thrown to the ground and the suspects were able to make their escape.

Police were able to identify the suspects from the evidence captured on the store’s video surveillance system. They both matched a description of suspects that had committed a similar crime at a Vacaville store. Warrants were then sent out for both suspects following the investigation.

On Tuesday of this week Smith was arrested after being found in the passenger seat of the Lexus used in the Home Depot robbery. After she was arrested police searched Smith and the vehicle where they found evidence that connected both suspects to the alleged theft. Smith also had in her possession paraphernalia and methamphetamine.

Smith remains in custody at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on a bail amount set at $140,000.

Proctor has yet to be located, but is a known transient who frequents East Bay Hotels. He currently has a $210,000 warrant set for his arrest.

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photo: Pleasanton Police

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