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Redwood City Resident Wields 8-inch Knife at a Downtown Bar

Posted on: 11/15/2014

Earlier this week police responded to a call from the Old Pro bar. Kristopher Joe Rivera, 35, of Redwood City was drunk and began to make a scene at the restaurant. He had gotten into an argument with a customer and was asked to leave by the staff members. Once Rivera was approached by the staff he immediately pulled out an 8-inch Kitchen knife from his bag.

When police arrived at the bar, Rivera took off on foot through the back door. He was able to make it into another restaurant across the back alley, but the officers were able to closely follow him. According to the report one of the officers was able to shoot Rivera in the back with a stun gun before he was able to make it out of the restaurant.

The suspect was then apprehended and booked into the county jail. Rivera is facing charges of resisting arrest, making criminal threats, and brandishing a weapon. You or a loved one can contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail for a Redwood City Bail Bond.

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