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Pot Grower Fires at Undercover Police

Posted on: 02/15/2015

During a patrol of a ware house district in West Oakland, undercover Alameda County Sherriff’s were fired at by an unknown attacker.

The officers were staking out a suspected marijuana grow operation and were dressed in street clothes. The suspect who was later identified at Sebastian Ledwick, 33, of Castro Valley seemed to be unaware that he was firing at law enforcement officers.

The suspects grow facility was located off 28th street and officers had been staking out the spot for some time. When they approached the building the suspect may have thought that a pair of men were attempting to rob him and so he began to discharge his firearm.

The suspect fired multiple rounds, but the officers were able to take cover behind a vehicle. They did not return fire and got away unharmed.

Soon after the incident authorities were able to detain the suspect and recover a high powered handgun used in the shooting. Ledwick is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possible drug and weapon violations. He is being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin with a bail of $150,000

During the investigation officers were able to locate multiple pot grows and several arrests in connection to the same case.

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