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Pleasanton Resident Leads Police to Multiple Arrests

Posted on: 01/11/2014

A Pleasanton resident spotted suspicious activity around the MacDonald Court at about 9pm last week. Upon further surveillance the citizen spotted multiple men in a silver Nissan removing mail from mailboxes. The resident made an immediate call to the authorities and the men were found by police shortly after on Olsen Drive. Once they were pulled over the driver and three others allowed the police to search the vehicle. During the search police found drugs, stolen property, and mail from thirteen surrounding cities.


The four men were identified as Elmer Aguilar, 18, David A. Gonzalez, 23, Gustavo Rivas, 31, and Ruben Ramirez, 23. The four Concord residents were booked into Santa Rita Jail and face multiple theft, forgery, conspiracy and drug-related charges. The Pleasanton Police Department credit the citizen who made the call that resulted in the arrests and believe that without their help the four men would probably still be on the loose.

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