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New Bill for Domestic Violence Victims

Posted on: 11/29/2013

Starting January first a new measure will take effect that will provide domestic violence victims with protection from losing their jobs and workplace discrimination. Work can be a distraction and a safe place for victims such as Carie Charlesworth who was dismissed from her teaching job after being deemed a safety risk. Her ex-husband who she had been divorced from and had a restraining order against showed up at the school resulting in a lockdown situation. The principal had been informed that the ex-husband had been physically abusive before the incident, but decided after that they could no longer allow her to return to work. She was also told that the situation created by her ex-husband meant that they would not be renewing her contract for the next school year. This was devastating news to the single mother of four.

One of the main objectives of the bill is to ensure protection because it is important that these victims have support and a steady paycheck when they need it most. Most victims fear losing their livelihoods or being re-victimized in the workplace so they choose to stay silent about their situation. A Study showed that nearly 40 percent of victims in California reported being fired or feared losing their job because of domestic violence. The main goal is that victims won’t feel like they need to live in silence and no longer fear retribution if they talk about these sensitive issues with their employer.

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