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Nearly 700 Plants seized in Drug Raid

Posted on: 11/16/2015

Earlier this month police served search warrants that resulted in the seizure of nearly 700 marijuana plants. Two suspects were arrested during the raid of two homes, one located in Dublin and the other in San Ramon.

Multiple police agencies worked together in order to simultaneously serve the search warrants. The operation took place in the area of Wrangler Road in San Ramon and around the 4700 block of Travertino Street in Dublin.

Officers had determined that both locations were grow operations after a thorough and lenghty investigation. The suspects had created a sophisticated series of grow operations consisting of nearly 700 plants. Authorities have also stated that the cultivators had tampered with the PG&E power sources at both homes in an effort to conceal vast amounts of power they had been using. By doing this they hoped to avoid detection and payment of the large amounts of power needed to maintain large scale grows.

Police officers stated that one male and one female suspect were arrested at the Dublin grow location. Both Jing Xue Huang, 41, of Union City and Chu Dan Zhang, 25, of San Leandro were taken into custody without incident.

The suspects are facing charges of suspected marijuana cultivation and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Investigators reported that evidence found in the homes connected the Dublin and San Ramon homes to other grow operations.

Police were able to arrest suspects in an Oakland home from the evidence they had gathered and they believe that more arrests will be made as the investigation continues.

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