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Mother fatally stabs child in Livermore Park – Livermore Bail Bonds

Posted on: 04/27/2014

On Saturday Livermore Police arrested Ashley Newton, 23 after she admitted to authorities that she had stabbed her 7-month-old baby to death.

The Police were contacted after someone reported that there was an abandoned vehicle left at the Del Valle Regional Park. The Honda sedan was found with the engine running and looked as if it had been involved in an accident. After the car was towed and detectives searched the area and found a knife they believed was used in the stabbing.

After interviewing her family investigators discovered that Newton had a history of depression and was found with self-inflicted wounds on her arms. She was taken into custody on suspicion of murder with no possibility of bail, and is due in court on Monday. Some more severe cases do not allow bail, but if you are seeking bail in the area you may contact Livermore Bail Bonds.

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