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Marine Killed in High-Speed Chase

Posted on: 04/30/2015

Officer Steven Nordseth of the Fremont Police Department was in pursuit of an alleged drunk driver and the suspect collided with a motorcycle driver.

He was killed moments after the crash.

The victim was later identified as Andrew Silva, 23, of Union City. He was a former U.S. Marine lance corporal and had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan a month before.

On the night of Wednesday the 29th the alleged drunk driver Alexander Yohn, 24, of Emeryville had been spotted going in and out of multiple bars all night.

According to reports Yohn left the last bar around midnight and had been continuously drinking since 9p.m. that evening. Eyewitnesses stated that he had become belligerent and was in no condition to drive. Before leaving the bar a woman had attempted to call the suspects roommate for a ride home, but he refused any help and sped off in his car.

Once he left he proceeded to drive to a Taco Bell near Fremont Boulevard. He started causing a scene in the drive-thru and attempted to pay for the food with his health insurance card. The Taco Bell employee immediately called the police to report the drunk suspect.

Officer Nordseth soon spotted the suspect and attempted to pull him over. Yohn failed to yield and the two continued to speed through the city streets. As the suspect sped through an intersection he smashed into Silva without stopping and soon after hit a utility pole causing his car to catch on fire.

Yohn was arrested and booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without the opportunity of bail. He is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter, murder and felony hit-and-run. Along with the charges for the suspect, the victim’s family has also decided to sue the city for negligence in the pursuit of the suspect that caused Silva’s death.

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