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Marijuana grow operation raided in Fremont – Fremont Bail Bonds

Posted on: 06/19/2014

Early this month Fremont police seized nearly 3 ounces of marijuana from a home that was converted into a marijuana grow facility. Police also found 5 grams of cocaine, stolen cell phones and drug paraphernalia. The seizure was part of a suspected drug ring involving houses in Hayward, Union City, and Fremont.

Authorities received information about the large-scale operation, and the information was forwarded to local task forces. The information led to five search warrants, and four suspects were arrested.

During the searches police were able to find nearly 700 marijuana plants and over $20,000 in cash. Tsung Low, Justin Chen,Hsu Zhu Zhao, and Pang chan were among the suspects arrested. They are facing charges of marijuana cultivation, possession of cocaine, and grand theft of utility power.

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