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Man Wielding Knife, Shot And Killed By Fremont Police

Posted on: 01/24/2015

Fremont police responded to reports of a man who drew a knife on two contractors and began to chase them through a residential neighborhood.

The 48-year-old attacker approached the 54-year-old contractor and began chasing him down the street with the knife is his hand. The victim shouted out for help and was able to hide behind a tree. The contractor’s co-worker heard him and rushed to his aid.

The man then began to chase both contractors with the six-inch blade. Police arrived and found the suspect in a community park.

The officers did not disclose much information as to what happened while they were attempting to apprehend the suspect. The only information that was provided was that one officer fired his Taser while the other discharged his service firearm. They did not state which weapon was fired first.

The victims said that they did not know the attacker and his name was not released. The officers were put on leave while the District Attorney’s Office investigates the shooting.

At this point it is unclear as to whether the officer that fired the suspect will face legal charges or jail time. For information on Fremont Bail Bonds, Nor Cal Bail Bonds is available 24 hours a day.

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