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Man arrested for Craigslist posting- Santa Rita Bail Bonds

Posted on: 04/03/2014

Early this month San Leandro Police arrested a man after a report that he was trying to sell stolen property in a Craigslist ad. According to authorities the man had stolen two German Shepherd puppies and was attempting to sell them online.

The owner of the dogs was looking at puppies for sale online when she came across an ad with her puppies in the photo. She then contacted the seller and arranged to meet with him to buy the dogs, and had the Police ready for when he arrived. Once the thief got to the meeting place police were able to arrest the man. He had one of the puppies with him, and gave police information on where they could locate the second puppy.

After he was arrested the police identified the man as Richard Coleman, 30, and booked him into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of extortion and possession of stolen property. If you’re in need of Santa Rita Bail Bonds call Nor Cal Bail Bonds.

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