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Man arrested at Alameda County Fair – Santa Rita Bail Bonds

Posted on: 07/04/2014

Aaron Gimbert, 34, was arrested at the Alameda County Fair for approaching young girls with offers to work in the “adult entertainment” industry.

According to a report Gimbert was seen handing out business cards to teenage girls. One victim claimed that he approached her wearing a fair employee shirt and handed her a card that said “Big Pimpin Inc. Be a Star.” He then asked the young girl if she was eighteen, and she told him that she was only 16-years-old. Gimbert then informed her that she should contact him when she turned eighteen.

The Alameda County sexual assault felony enforcement team was called in to investigate the incident. Deputies witnessed and Gimbert hand out several more cards and then took him into custody. Once he was in custody he was transferred to Santa Rita Jail.

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