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Livermore Sisters Convicted in Infant Abuse Case

Posted on: 11/20/2014

Last week Lida Sharaf, 33, of Mountain House, and her sister Nazila Sharaf, 37, of Dublin, were both convicted of multiple counts of felony child abuse at a day care center that they owned and operated.

The two sisters both managed the University of Preschool LCC in Livermore. An investigation started after a former employee notified authorities of the child abuse that she had witnessed while working at the center.

Investigators reported that the two women were not properly swaddling the infants. The babies were being wrapped so tightly that they could not breathe properly and were unable to movie their extremities. Three of the infants had known upper-respiratory problems, but were wrapped tightly anyways.

Both Lida and Nazilla pleaded no contest to their charges, placed on 5 year probation, and required to attend a yearlong child abuse class. Nazilla Sharaf also had her state license revoked and sentenced to two months in jail.

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