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Livermore Preschool owners awaiting trial

Posted on: 03/18/2014

Sisters Linda and Nazilla Sharaf were owners of a Livermore preschool until a recent investigation after reports of infant abuse and neglect. The two reportedly swaddled infants too tight, and put babies at risk of suffocation. According to authorities they used extra ties and restraints on the children including ones with known respiratory problems. To insure that no one could unexpectedly see what they were doing they went as far as to keep all of their doors locked.

Social Services and Livermore Police Department investigators stated that the two never struck the children, but they did put them in danger. The sisters are now facing four misdemeanor and three felony counts of child abuse, they are awaiting trial. If you are facing charges such as misdemeanor abuse you can contact Livermore Bail Bonds for bail information.

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