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Livermore Bail Bonds – Livermore mother arrested in Safeway Parking lot

Posted on: 08/19/2014

Ranate Iacono, 33, of Livermore was pulled over as she was trying to drive out of the Safeway parking lot where she was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment.

Prior to her arrest she had entered the downtown Safeway around 6:30pm and left her two children in the running car. A store employee spotted her one and three year old children alone in the car and proceeded to make a call to 911. Iacono had left the car running with the air conditioning on for at least 17 minutes before returning.

Police arrived on the scene just before the suspect was able to leave the area. This has been the second arrest involving children left in cars in the last 30 days. Anyone who is facing possible jail time from pending criminal charges may contact Livermore Bail Bonds.

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