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High Speed Car Chase Ends In SWAT Standoff

Posted on: 01/19/2015

At the San Mateo Superior Court in Redwood City two Oakland men pleaded not guilty to multiple charges after a standoff with SWAT and police officers.

The two suspects were spotted stealing cars earlier this month at the Central Parking Garage in San Mateo. The suspects were later identified as Andre Dupree-Lafleur Jr., 22, and Walter Mitchell, 26.

When the two men were confronted by police, Mitchell drew a handgun at an officer before fleeing the area. Both suspects fled into an apartment complex and were later seen in a silver Acura.

Shortly after officers failed to stop the car the driver lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. They were quickly able to break out of the car and escape the scene.

Police officers and a SWAT team were able to track down the suspects and pin them down in a secured perimeter. The standoff went on for several hours before Mitchell surrendered to authorities.

Both men are facing charges of evading police, failing to stop for police, and second-degree burglary. In addition Mitchell also plead not guilty to brandishing a gun at a police officer and possession of the stolen property that was found in the stolen Acura.

Mitchell and Dupree-Lafleur remain in custody with bail set at $100,000 each. For information regarding and Redwood City Bail bonds, contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds .

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