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Fremont Woman Hits 3 Cyclists

Posted on: 04/29/2015

Bianca Lopez, 25, of Fremont was recently seen in court regarding felony hit-and-run charges from an accident earlier this month

According to police reports Lopez was traveling through Alamo Square in San Francisco when she struck three bicyclists with her vehicle. Immediately after she crashed into the three victims she sped off in her Jeep Cherokee.

Lopez approached the cyclist after she had allegedly rear-ended a Mini Cooper on Fell Street. During her escape she turned on to Scott Street where there is a bike route known as The Wiggle.

She had unknowingly turned onto a street where she was met oncoming traffic and the three hit-and-run victims.

After smashing through the three victims, she swerved to avoid the oncoming cars until she crashed into a parked car. The parked Corolla was hit so hard that it was pushed into a parking garage, but Lopez was able to restart her car and flee from that accident as well.

Officers arrived to the scene to investigate the crash and an ambulance to attend to the victims. One victim suffered a fractured pelvis, lacerated liver, and a fractured arm. When they were hit they were sent flying 20 feet into air.

Police recovered her vehicle later that day, but were not able to track the suspect down until a few days later.

When police arrested Lopez she was booked into jail with a bail amount of $100,000. She is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor hit-and-run charges from the result of property damage and great bodily harm to the victims. Police also later found out that the suspect has been driving without a license.

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