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Fremont Bail Bonds – Fremont man arrested in home invasion case

Posted on: 08/10/2014

On August 3rd Jamala Morris was arrested on suspicion of home invasion and sexual assault charges. Morris was the main suspect in a case of involving 12 felony charges.

According to authorities the victims were neighbors of Morris, but he had not made contact with them prior to the incident.

Morris had entered their home through an unlocked door and threatened them with a sawed off shotgun upon their arrival. Once the victims entered the home Morris bound the two women and took the mother into a separate room where he began to sexually assault her. A male resident entered the home and confronted the assailant, but he was able to escape with his shotgun and a purse.

Police were able to track down the Jamala through a surveillance video and phone records. Once police apprehended Morris they found the victim’s purse and sawed off shotgun in his position.

Morris was taken to Santa Rita Jail where he is being held without bail. Some crimes result in no possibility of bail, but someone who is seeking information on how to post bail may contact Fremont Bail Bonds.

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