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Four Armed Suspects Arrested in High Speed Chase

Posted on: 12/26/2014

San Leandro and Oakland police arrested four suspects in a carjacking after a car chase.

The suspects fled the area after the carjacking in two separate vehicles and headed towards the freeway. During the pursuit the vehicles the police cruisers reached speeds of almost 100 mph.

The chase continued on Interstate 580 until the high rates of speed caused the police to discontinue the pursuit.

Later that night officers were able to track down one of the vehicles parked in a residential neighborhood. While the police were watching the car they spotted the four suspects walk out of a home a leave in the vehicle.

As the police were following the car it stopped and the suspects took off into the surrounding area, so dogs and a helicopter were called in to aid in the search.

By the end of the night all night all of the suspects were found. Bud Landers, 18 of Berkeley was arrested and booked into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of armed carjacking and possession of a firearm. All of the other suspects were under eighteen, so they were taken to another facility without the option of bail.

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