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Ferguson Riots Cause Nearly 150 Arrests

Posted on: 11/26/2014

After the grand jury’s announced their decision in the Ferguson shooting case, riots began in Oakland. Thousands of protesters flooded the streets and began to loot and vandalize all over the city. The first night riots were estimated to have nearly 3,000 participants.

On the following night the march started again in North Oakland and the downtown area. The crowd decreased to about 300 on the second night, but the amount of theft and violence increased. Multiple police officers reported injuries from rocks, firecrackers and one was struck with a brick while trying to control the mobs.

Several shops were cleaned out by looters. Vandals broke into a paint store and began to throw paint in intersections and businesses. A cell phone store was robbed, windows were shattered, and garbage cans were set on fire.

The Alameda County Sherriff’s Department Office reported 43 protesters arrested on Monday night and 92 on the following night. Most people were arrested on charges of obstruction, burglary, failure to disperse and vandalism. Most suspects were then booked in to Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County. Someone who would like to bail out themselves or a loved one can contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Santa Rita Bail Bonds.

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