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Fatal Shooting in Eureka

Posted on: 10/26/2015

On the evening of October 24th Eureka police officers received calls about a shooting around the area of Watson and F Street.

Officers quickly found the victim once they arrived to the scene of the crime. He had an apparent gunshot wound and was quickly transported to a local hospital, but passed away later that evening due to the injuries he sustained in the shooting.

Local residents reported bullet holes in nearby locations and multiple vehicles were towed from the area of the crime to be searched for any signs of evidence pertaining to the case.

On Sunday officers served a search warrant at an apartment by where the incident had occurred and later learned that a second male had also arrived to a local hospital the same night with a gunshot wound. Both males may have been involved in the same shooting, but that has not been confirmed or denied at this point in the investigation. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The victim has been identified as Elliot Michael Walin, 31, of Fortuna.

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