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Fatal Shooting in East Bay

Posted on: 02/25/2015

Luis Alfaro, 18, of Oakland was seen in court earlier this month in connection with a fatal shooting on January 29th of this year. The shoot has occurred around 9p.m. outside of the Adams Point Market.

Along with eyewitness reports, nearby surveillance video cameras were able to record the shooting. According to the report the victim has just left the Adams corner store and was approached by Alfaro.

Authorities stated that the victim and the suspect frequently hung out near the convenience store and that they had knew each other prior to the shooting. The victim was later identified as Alfred Nunnery Sr., 38, and lived in the same neighborhood as the shooter.

On the night of the shooting Alfaro approached Nunnery as he walked out of the store and they immediately engaged in a verbal confrontation. Alfaro refused to tell investigators what their dispute was about, but the argument escalated to the point that the suspect drew his handgun and fatally shot Nunnery.

With the surveillance video and first hand accounts authorities were able to identify Alfaro as the suspected shooter. Police were then able to issue a warrant for probable cause. He is currently being held in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without the opportunity of bail.

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