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Dublin teen bomb threat suspect – Dublin Bail Bonds

Posted on: 03/31/2014

A 14-year-old Dublin teen was recently arrested in connection to alleged bomb threats to schools in Montana. The teen reportedly contacted two Montana schools over a three day period.

During the first day he had made a call to a Helena High school where he claimed that he has placed explosives in the gymnasium. Two days later Helena dispatchers received a similar call to a local elementary school and the FBI began to investigate.

In their investigation officials were able track the calls being made the Dublin teen. According to the reports the teen made anonymous calls using a “magic jack’ phone. The teen was arrested at Dublin high school and later confessed to making the calls. Police also found out that he was acquainted with another teen in Montana who he met from playing Xbox online.

The suspect is a minor, so police did not release any names and the investigation in on going. Juveniles are not able to receive bail, but for anyone else seeking information on bail may contact Dublin Bail Bonds.

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