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Dublin Bail Bonds – Two suspects arrested in car tampering

Posted on: 10/28/2014

On Saturday the 25th Pleasanton Police responded to a call from a resident stating that a man was crawling under his car. Once police arrived they spotted a man who was trying to remove the catalytic converter from the residents’ vehicle.

Once the suspect was approached by the officers he was able to escape by jumping a fence.

Authorities then established a perimeter and were able to track down the suspect who was later identified as Eduardo Labitoria driving with a friend. Upon a search of the vehicle police recovered five other catalytic converters.

The suspect had an outstanding warrant and was charged with obstructing an officer, tampering with a vehicle and possession of burglary tools. Labitoria’s friend Diana Cabaccang was also arrested for possession of methamphetamines.

Both men were booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. For information on posting bail contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding Dublin Bail Bonds.

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