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Drunk Driver Crashes Into City Bus, Six Injured

Posted on: 02/11/2015

Redwood City resident Jimmy Velasco, 32, was recently sentenced to a year in jail after smashing into the back of a SamTrans bus in South San Francisco.

On January 3rd around 6pm Velasco was speeding through Arroyo drive and slammed into the bus that had stopped in an intersection. Upon hitting the bus, multiple passengers were jolted within the vehicle and were injured as a result.

One the authorities responded to the accident, the injured passengers were taken to the hospital and Velasco was detained by the police. The suspect immediately admitted that he hit the bus and was “a little drunk”. When the officers tested his blood-alcohol content the results were 0.17 percent and he threw up just after being placed into the back of their squad car.

Since Velasco pleaded no contest to felony drunk driving he was sentenced to the maximum penalty of two years in prison. IF the court approves a weekend work release program he may be able to avoid some jail time.

Along with the jail time the suspect will be placed on probation for five years and be required to pay restitution to all of the victims injured in the accident. To one victim he must pay $7,341 and the amount to be paid to the other victims has yet to be determined.

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