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Contra Costa County Drug Seizure

Posted on: 01/23/2014

The Contra Costa County drug task force has been conducting a two-year investigation code named Operation Crystal Lens, and recently seized a record breaking amount of contraband worth millions. The raid is being hailed and one of the biggest raids in county history.
The West-Net narcotics team has been working with the FBI and local police for the Crystal Lens operation and has been making multiple arrests since November. Over the past two months the team has found almost 500 pounds of methamphetamine and over $900,000 in cash, but last weeks’ raid was their biggest yet, seizing more than $18 million worth of weapons, cash, and narcotics. The team also announced that the seizure resulted in 17 arrests of criminal drug traffickers found at the scene.
Authorities are glad to be able to significantly hit an organized criminal structure, keep the drugs off the streets, and hopefully curb violence.

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