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CHP Officer to Resign After Explicit Photo Scandal

Posted on: 11/05/2014

Officer Sean Harrington, 35 is facing nearly four years in prison after being involved in the theft of explicit photos from arrestees’ phones.

The Dublin based officer had allegedly forwarded himself explicit photos from females that were in custody and then proceeded to share the photos with his colleagues.

An investigation started after a woman reported that Harrington had stolen photos from her phone while she was in custody for a DUI arrest. The 19-year-old Livermore woman stated the officer had stolen multiple partially clothed and nude photos. Harrington admitted to doing the same thing multiple times over the course of a few years.

The officer submitted a notice of his resignation last week, but an investigation is still going on for the other officers involved in the photo sharing.

Harrington is facing multiple counts of Computer theft. Authorities believe that this incident and the suspects involved are isolated to the Tri-Valley CHP office, and Harrington is expected to appear in court this month.

The officer in this crime was not held in jail, but anyone who is facing incarceration due to criminal charges may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding Livermore Bail Bonds.

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