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Cars Stolen from 4 Fremont Dealerships

Posted on: 03/17/2015

Last Friday police responded to reports of theft and property damage at four different car dealerships in Fremont. Business owners have stated that this is not the first time something like this has happened to their dealerships.

Authorities were able to collect surveillance footage from the dealerships in an attempt to identify the suspects. So far police have stated that the video evidence showed what appeared to be seven young men.

The thieves would start by breaking into the dealership office and locating cars keys to the cars in the lot. Once they had the keys to the vehicles they could easily make their escape.

In an attempt to ward off any possible thefts, business owners have begun to put up signs in their windows reporting that they do not keep any keys in the office overnight.

One victim said that he has been the targeted twice and has lost more than $50,000. At another location the suspects were able to get away with two Mercedes Benz.

All of the cars were removed within a couple days. CHP picked up a couple cars that were deserted on the highway and officers were able to find other cars throughout Oakland.

On Monday police located a Fiat 500 from the robbery with smashed windows and had been totaled.

Grand theft and burglary charges can result in large fines, restitution and possible jail time. If you or someone you know is seeking information on Fremont bail bonds for a pending legal matter, they should contact Nor Cal Bails Bonds with any questions or concerns.

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