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Car Theft in Livermore

Posted on: 12/17/2015

Last week Livermore police found footage of a male suspect entering a taking an idling car. The car was parked in the victims driveway to “warm up” before the theft.

The home was located by the 800 block of Alexander Street and nearby security cameras were able to record the incident. The car thief was dropped off by a second suspect to a home next door to the victims’. After exiting the white sedan the suspect proceed to escape with the vehicle.

According to the victims they had left their 2007 Lincoln Navigator in the driveway for about fifteen minutes before it was stolen. The video evidence revealed that the suspects drove back and forth in front of the home before the theft.

The suspected thief was last seen wearing a Raiders hat and had a cast on his right hand. He first entered the passenger side of the vehicle and then moved to the drivers seat to make his getaway. The second suspect was described as a female with a light complexion and light brown hair. She was driving a new white Toyota Camry, dark wheels, tinted windows and a factory spoiler.

Officers were able to recover the stolen vehicle two days later in Concord, but no suspects have been arrested as of yet.

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