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Big Push For Alternative Sentencing

Posted on: 10/17/2013

Since so many lower-level criminal offenders are being transferred to county jails California attorneys are pushing for alternative sentencing to combat the increasing strain on prison overcrowding. Two Sacramento criminal defense attorneys have been working hard to change lives with a program they call Ascend. They aim to change the way that the convict thinks and behaves so they don’t get caught in the revolving door that they see many multiple offenders get caught in. The Ascend program is based in cognitive behavioral therapy and is designed to be more of a “life coaching” approach. Most of their clients are picked up half way through their sentencing and put on an ankle bracelet monitoring device until completion of the program. Since the programs commencement attorneys Carbone and Morse have served 61 non-violent criminal offenders with less than 15 percent re-offending.

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