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Berkeley Police Pizza Delivery Sting

Posted on: 02/07/2015

Berkeley resident Marcell Stargetti, 18, is facing four charges of armed robbery that took place in November of last year. Each robbery was within a mile radius, near the North Berkeley BART station.

Stargetti was originally arrested with two other juvenile suspects after they had tried to order a pizza with a stolen credit card.

The local police were notified when the suspects used the stolen credit card, and they were able to contact the restaurant to track down who had ordered the pizza. Once the officers had the information from the restaurant they proceeded to deliver the pizza.

The police arrived to the address that the suspects had provided and once the suspects spotted the officers they quickly ran inside.

Once the suspects were apprehended the only adult suspect Stargetti was booked into the local jail. Officers were able to recover a handgun and linked the suspects to four armed robbery cases.

Stargetti remains in Santa Rita Jail on a bail of $450,000 until his pre-trail hearing. IF you or a loved one is facing jail time in a pending legal matter, you may contact Nor Cal Bail Bonds regarding any Berkeley Bail Bonds.

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