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Berkeley Man Facing Possible Death Penalty

Posted on: 03/22/2015

Earlier this month Joel Robinson, 21, of Berkeley was charged in connection to a murder of a security guard in late December.
According to police reports the victim Hamilton Rodriguez-Ramos, 20, of Oakland was lured to a quiet secluded area when he approached by his attackers. Along with Robinson, Amari Harmon, Steven Hall, and Tony A. Reed were all arrested in connection to this murder case.
Rodriguez-Ramos worked at a hair supply business in East Oakland as a security guard. It was also stated that the suspect Harmon had gone to the same high school as the victim and had been acquaintances for many years.
Before the murder the victim was lured to a back street near the MacArthur BART station. The street was a regular hang out spot for the suspects.
Once Rodriguez-Ramos was cornered he was shot unprovoked and robbed of his money and other items on his person. It is believed that the suspects stole his car as well because it was later recovered at the home of a family member of Reed’s.
Investigators determined that the suspected gunman was the victims’ classmate Harmon. At the time of the shooting he was only 17, but is now 18, so he will be charged as an adult during his hearing.
Police were able to use surveillance videos and help from local residents to track down the murder suspects. Once each suspect was arrested they were booked into Santa Rita Jail without the opportunity for bail.
With the special circumstances set by the prosecutors all of the suspects could face life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.
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