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‘Beloved Reaper’ Pizza Delivery Attacker

Posted on: 03/15/2015

Richard Montgomery Ines, 21, of Redwood City was seen in court for a strange crime he committed in late November of last year.

According to the report Ines threw a can of paint at a pizza delivery driver on El Camino Real. When the delivery driver stopped an exited his truck to confront the suspect, he pulled out a BB gun and approached the driver. Unaware that the gun was not real Ines proceeded to threaten the victim with his life.

After successfully scaring the victim he raced off to an adjacent street. He continued to threaten passing drivers as he ran down the street.

Police arrived to the scene and were able to quickly find the suspect. Ines struggled as officers attempted to subdue him and he kneed one officer in the groin.

Once the suspect was detained by the police he would only identify himself as “The Beloved Reaper,” and would reveal any information for the reasoning of his attack on the pizza driver. He was then booked into San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City.

During his hearing Ines plead no contest to charges of battery and criminal threats. His sentencing through the districts attorney’s office also required two-years of probation and possible jail time.

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