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Ban on Aggressive Panhandling

Posted on: 11/20/2013

Concord City Council recently put in effect a new city ordinance to curb aggressive solicitation that would limit residents’ enjoyment of public spaces. After checking similar codes in other cities City Attorney Mark Coon was able to establish limits and made considerations to determine the difference between “aggressive” solicitation and someone in need of help. The city is trying to reduce the “in your face” approach of solicitation such as blocking a person’s path, threatening or touching.

The main focus of the new ordinance is to improve public safety, so anyone who feels threatened is encourage to report the incident to the police. Violators will be subject to an infraction charge, three infractions within a year will result in a misdemeanor. It is likely that they will also be referred to court programs to help them become more self-sufficient law abiding citizens.

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